Freshman Spotlight: How’s College Going?

Freshman Marco Arbogast was excited to begin his first year on Sacred Heart University’s campus and to meet new people and start his college experience.

“College has been fun so far, and I’ve had a smooth transition since I have met a lot of cool people,’’ said Arbogast.

The freshman class of Sacred Heart started their college experience in August, being able to go to in-person classes as a change from remote learning the past few semesters.

“I was really hoping to be in person because I was in person in high school for my senior year. I feel like I learn better in person,’’ said freshman Jackie Gillien.

Some freshmen have adjusted well and have not experienced homesickness.

“I have adjusted well to life at Sacred Heart and being around my roommates has helped a lot,’’ said Gillien.

Similarly, other freshmen have been able to transition to the college experience due to Sacred Heart’s atmosphere.

“My adjustment has been pretty good. I am doing well academically since there are a lot of resources and things to get involved in,’’ said freshman Matthew Roessel.

The freshmen class has experienced many on-campus events like the First 50 Days.

According to the Sacred Heart website, “The First 50 Days event series are campus-wide programs that aim to make you feel at home. Packed with social, informative, academic events and activities, these events provide you with the opportunity to meet and interact with other students, faculty and staff.’’

Many freshmen say that they took advantage of these events.

‘‘I really enjoyed going to the First 50 Days events,’’ said freshman Vanessa Benjamin. “I loved the Stuff-a-Bear event.’’

Some freshmen are excited to get involved in different clubs and organizations that they learned about at the “Just SHU It” Involvement Fair.

According to Sacred Heart’s Twitter, “The involvement fair took place on the chapel quad, where students got information on clubs and organization and how to join.’’

“I enjoyed the involvement fair and talking to the sororities got me excited to get more involved and join one,’’ said freshman Abbey Riela.

On the other hand, some freshmen have had a hard time adjusting to college life despite the many events on campus. ,

“I was a little bit homesick, but calling and FaceTiming with my parents helped,’’ said Riela.

Other students say that their family have come to visit, which has been helpful with their adjustment.

“I have not been homesick because I saw my family when they came to watch my brother’s soccer game at SHU,’’ said Benjamin. “It has been good meeting new people, and getting involved has helped.’’

Some freshmen admit that they struggled with online learning and learn best in person.

“I am happy that we are in person this year because I struggled with online learning, so being in class face to face with my professors is really helpful,’’ said Reila.

Some freshmen had to be online their senior year of high school, and many say that physically being back in the classroom is more natural.

“I am really happy that we are in person because I spent my whole senior year online, and making friends with classmates is a lot easier when it isn’t over Zoom,’’ said Benjamin.

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