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As Halloween approaches, Sacred Heart students are preparing for a weekend-long holiday celebration.

This year, junior Heather DiNunzio has various plans and costume ideas to get in the Halloween spirit.

“I am planning on dressing up as Snookie, Mrs. Potato Head, a skeleton and a yoga instructor,” said DiNunzio.

Many students say that people usually have more than one costume for each night of the Halloween weekend.

“My friends and I have three costumes for Halloween. I think a lot of people are thinking of being stereotypical thinks such as cats, firefighters and princesses,” said sophomore Bridget Mosher.

For many students, Halloween has changed since their childhood.

“When you were little, it was all about trick-or-treating and getting as much candy as possible. I think in college, Halloween has a totally different meaning than it did when you were younger. Now, a lot of it is about having fun with your friends and going out to parties,” said junior Emily Coyle.

Although students say they do not go trick-or-treating anymore, Halloween has remained a holiday that they still enjoy.

“As I have gotten older, Halloween has changed because I’ve realized it is more for the kids, but it’s still a holiday all ages want to be in touch with,” said senior Adam McClay.

Sophomore Charlie Miller said, “When I was young, I used to find fun in trick-or-treating. However, as I got into college, I have found Halloween as a great excuse to party and have a good time.

Many students find that the Halloween season is a great time to participate in fall and Halloween activities.

“During the Halloween season I think it’s cute to decorate. My roommates and I made plans to go to a haunted house and a corn maze to try to get into the spirit as much as possible,” said Coyle. “I think growing up in a home that always made fall feel really homey and comfortable pushed me to do the same now that I have my own home. We bought a lot of decorations and candles and tried to make it feel like fall.”

McClay also enjoys Halloween and fall festivities.

“During the season, I enjoy outdoor activities.  Doing things like haunted hay rides and outdoor beer tastings are always a good time,” said McClay.

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