How Are You Finding A Job?

Have Sacred Heart students been finding it easy to find jobs?

“I think that it is going to be hard to find a job because the job market is very competitive, especially wanting to work in a certain field based on my research,” said senior Kelsey Ciafone.

According to Indeed, “Not all students work their way through college. Those that do often work outside of their field of expertise. Many job postings require a decent level of experience, whether it advertises an entry-level position or not. After college, many graduates find it difficult to overcome this requirement.”

Some students worry about specific job requirements.

“Yes this scares me, the thought of not having the right qualifications or if they would choose another candidate,” said junior Thea Chronopoulos.

More recently, according to CNBC, in January there were, “11.3 million job openings, 6.5 million hires and 6.1 million separations.”

There are several job search platforms such as Indeed, Linkedin and Handshake that students utilize to search for jobs. These tools allow students to make connections with employees, advertise their skills on their profiles and search through occupations that interest them.

“I have used Handshake to find internships and I have gone on Indeed,” said junior Claire Lawler.

Students say that these platforms have made searching for a career more attainable.

“I think these platforms make the job search significantly easier. Without the online platforms, I would not have found my internship for last summer,” said Lawler.

Are these platforms accessible?

“They are very easy to navigate because I use the filters to specify my searches,” said Chronopoulus.

Although students find these platforms easy to navigate in the job search field, some students comment on their minimal usage.

“I do not spend a lot of time on the platforms, but when I do spend time on the platforms I’m on there for a brief time because everything is easy to find and navigate,” said senior Savannah Palas.

Some students find that they have luck when finding a job over others due to their specific major and extensive education.

“I have a better edge over other potential candidates, because I am in the 5 year education program and I will be graduating with my masters degree,” said senior Natalie Dente.

On the other hand, some students worry about the thought of not obtaining a job.

“Yes, I am very nervous I will not be able to find a job after graduating,” said Lawler.

SHU has a center for Career and Professional Development that assists students in finding internships, resume writing, cover letter writing, interviewing and job search skills. The center is located on the second floor of Linda E. McMahon Commons.

Some students agree that the Career and Professional Development Center has played a successful role in their time here.

“I do find the career center helpful because they have helped me fix my resume. They also offer job interview workshops, which I think are very helpful,” said junior Francessca Compagno.

Others comment on their feeling of security in graduating from Sacred Heart.

“Since the job market is competitive, the thought of not obtaining a job does concern me. Coming out of Sacred Heart University, which is known for its competitive programs, does make me feel better,” said Dente.

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