Omicron Takes The Lead

With the recent and ongoing surge of the Omicron variant, some students have been worried about the return to school and the potential of catching the virus.

“I have been very nervous about catching COVID returning to campus during the surge of Omicron,” said junior Gianna Romagnoli.

Some students are worried that their exposure will be higher since classes are still fully in-person, even with the surge.

“I am surprised that we haven’t returned to SHU Flex since there is a surge,” said sophomore Jessica Zarilli. “My classes are pretty packed, so I definitely get a little nervous sitting right next to someone.”

Due to Omicron, some classes have been moved online for the start of the semester.

“Two of my classes are online for the first couple weeks of the semester,” said freshman Ronda Williams.

Some students fear that if the surge continues, classes will move to online.

“I have been enjoying having fully in-person classes and being able to be in a classroom setting again, so I am really hoping classes don’t have to to be remote if the cases on campus go up,” said freshman Sophia Clark.

Some fear that due to off-campus gatherings, the cases will go up on campus.

“I know a lot of people have been attending off-campus gatherings and I feel that these are going to increase the cases on campus,” said Zarilli.

Some students have been taking cautious measures to lower their risk of catching Omicron.

“I’ve been doing my part to protect myself and others by wearing my mask and not attending large gatherings,” said junior Anna Richards.

Due to the recent variant, The Coronavirus Planning Team sent out an email on Dec. 17 stating “With the CDC recommending vaccines and boosters for everyone 16 and older and, in keeping with our vaccine policy that follows CDC guidelines, we will require a booster shot before your return to campus after the Christmas break if possible (according to your eligibility) or no later than March 15”.

Some students agree with the decision to require the booster shots on campus.

“I think the decision to require boosters was a good call by the school since Omicron is surging,” said senior Shamere Collins.

Some students feel more confident being on campus since they have received their booster.

“I just got my booster shot over winter break, so I am confident that it will help me fight off Omicron,” said junior Kyle Saulnier.

Other students feel comfortable being on campus during the Omicron surge since they contracted the virus over break.

“I feel much less worried and protected having natural immunity for a few months since I got COVID over winter break,” said junior Haley Sullivan.

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