The Expansion of Campus

Over the past few years, Sacred Heart University has expanded its campus to new horizons, including additions of new dining halls, residential halls and a brand-new state of the art hockey arena called the Martire Family Arena coming in Jan. 2023.

With Sacred Heart still in the process of expanding, students are given a chance to experience all the new places on campus, like the Bobby Valentine Center, the parking garage, the Pioneer Village and the newest dining hall, Thea’s Abbey that opened in the Fall of 2021.

“I really do believe that Sacred Heart has done a fantastic job at expanding campus and adding much more to the school. All these new places on campus to live and eat at are giving the best opportunities for students to enjoy their college experience,” said junior Jenna Santoro.

Some students said that the new facilities on campus stood out to them when touring Sacred Heart.

“All the beautiful new buildings like the upper quad and the Bobby Valentine Center were most intriguing to me when I took a tour of Sacred Heart before I committed here,” said freshman Gianna Volpe. “The campus was just so beautiful, and I instantly fell in love with it, and I immediately knew this is where I wanted to spend the next four years at college.”

Other students said that the Bobby Valentine Health and Recreation Center that opened in August of 2019 has been a new facility that they enjoy.

“The Bobby Valentine Center opened right before I started school as a freshman in 2019 at Sacred Heart and I have been using the gym there ever since the first day I moved in,” said junior Kirsten Calantone. “My favorite part of the Bobby Valentine Center would have to be the track on the second level that goes around the entire perimeter of the gym.”

Some seniors feel Sacred Heart’s campus has changed drastically from when they were freshman.

“The campus now versus when I started in 2018 is unrecognizable. Over the past four years, the school has added at least more than four new buildings,” said senior Victoria Eger. “When I started, Toussaint was the newest dorm building and now there is a whole new village of freshman dorms.”

Some students feel that the campus has expanded greatly in such a short period of time.

“I am a junior here at Sacred Heart and I have noticed that over the past three years, things have been changing very quickly while maintaining a good pace. I feel as if the faster places on campus get built, the more attraction it has to students applying here,” said junior Alison Dyevich.

According to some students, the future of Sacred Heart University’s campus will be much different in years from now and will be more expanded as years go on.

“I am excited to come back for alumni weekend and see how the campus looks. Each semester we came back to school, there was something new,” said Eger.

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