The Wild Wild Fall Fest!

Students at Sacred Heart University are excited for the events SET planned for this fall. From Oct. 17 to Oct. 21, SET hosted a week of fun fall-themed events as a part of Harvest week. The events leading up to the week included camper mugs, decorating mini pumpkins, and plenty of chances to snack.

Junior Kendall Holland said, “I’m looking forward to seeing the various options of fall foods they will offer this week. Every year it’s something so exciting.”

On Tuesday, students got the chance to ride on a mechanical pumpkin and decorate cookies on 63’s lawn. Students waited in line to see how long they would make it until their fall and make and decorate cookies on 63’s lawn. Students waited in line to see how long they would make it until their fall and make and eat fall-decorated cookies.

“Cookie decorating screams fall season to me and it just puts me in such a happy mood. I really love these events,” said junior Irene Katehis.

Another event of Harvest week was a Friday night screening of Ghostbusters that students could watch from under the stars.

“My friends and I also love a good home feel movie during this season so knowing that ‘Ghostbusters’ will play this week sounds so much fun,” said Katehis.

Many students looked forward to and enjoyed Harvest week, but many more were looking forward to SETs biggest event of the fall: Fall Fest.

“SET events make the Sacred Heart experience so much fun! Bingo is my absolute favorite. I can’t wait to see what they have planned for Fall Fest this weekend.

Every year there is so much going on, it is so hard to pick what to do first,” said senior Daniel Ring.

Senior Kelsey Akoury who plans Fall Fest and is the annual events chair of SET said, “I think this fall fest is going to be different than previous years because we have worked on it since the summer and are really excited to have a different and unique theme here at SHU for the students to enjoy.”

This year’s Fall Fest was themed around the wild west and many of the activities of the day were based on that theme.

“Our novelties are based around our theme, therefore we have plant your own cactus plant, airbrush tattoo artists, make your own sand art, mechanical bull, and lasso the longhorn. As for food, it is very much comfort food like pulled pork, pulled chicken, mac and cheese, cornbread. Etc,” said senior Akoury.

Fall Fest was in full motion on Saturday with balloons and food trucks all around. There were games and activities set up all around drawing in students to have some fun. Sacred Heart’s President, Dr. John Petillo even came down to make an appearance.

“I’m loving Fall Fest. My friends and I have been looking forward to it. I enjoyed the lunch and it was a nice break from studying,” said sophomore Allison Marx. “If I had to choose my favorite activity throughout the fest it has to be decorating the cacti. They had a bunch of options to choose from and had decorations that you could put on the pot which was cute.”

Senior Madison Miller said “Fall Fest is always something that gets us students excited. I honestly think SET does such great things. These events inspire people to come together to find boundless ways of creativity. I really think it motivates students to always find a work-fun balance.” Isabella Fabbo contributed to this article.

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