The Fourth Installment of John Wick

Ten years have passed since the first “John Wick” movie was released in theaters, and now the iconic character is back as he sets out on a new fight in a wild finale to his story.

From gun fights to car chases in the rain, this movie has all the ingredients of a thriller. “John Wick: Chapter 4” officially released to audiences on March 24. This installment in the film series follows Wick as he tries to defeat the twelve crime bosses that run that underworld’s most powerful crime organizations, which go by the name of “The High Table.”

“This movie was hands down the best one that they have produced,” said junior Stone Cofini. “I remember loving the third movie when I saw it in theaters for its release, so I was waiting a long time for this fourth movie to drop, and after seeing this one on opening, I can definitely say that this was well worth the wait.”

Keanu Reeves returns to play his role of Wick. Some other stars that have returned are Ian Mcshane as Winston and Lance Reddick as Charon.

Chad Stahelski is back as the director, as he has directed the first installment, as well as the three sequels. Some of his other credits include: “The Matrix Resurrections,” “The Matrix Reloaded,” and a stunt coordinator for over 70 well-known films.

With this being the fourth movie in the series, Stahelski wanted to raise the stakes and answer some unknown questions that fans have been pondering for years. When coordinating this film with the creative team, he wanted to focus on the mythology that ties into the storyline, and this made for it to be the longest movie to date.

According to Collider, the movie is closing in on a franchise box-office record. As of publication date, the film has surpassed $300 million at the global box office. North American locations are contributing most to its success, and this could increase even more as it has not yet been released in South Korea or the Middle Eastern countries.

Sophomore Sean Ryan saw the film recently, and his opinions line up with the 94% rating the film received on Rotten Tomatoes.

“It was genuinely a masterclass of all the action movies I have seen,” Ryan said. “I couldn’t keep my eyes off the screen the entire time and the action sequences proved to be some of the best the industry has ever seen.”

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the fourth movie in the franchise was intended to be its last, but because its massive success “a fifth film is back on the table.”

But fans do have something to look forward to for now in the John Wick realm. Set to release in 2024, “Ballerina” will be making its way to the big screen. This spin-off prequel film will answer some mysteries about Wick’s upbringing, and it will feature cameos from all the major actors.

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