Annual Irish Dance Showcase

BY Joseph Braun

Staff Reporter

On March 14, the Performing Arts Department held its annual Irish Dance Showcase in  the Edgerton Center. The showcase featured the Irish Dance Ensemble, The Claddagh dancers, who performed various routines that displayed their talents and skill level.

The event kicked off with the singing of the National Anthem by Nora Stevens.

The dancers then took the stage as they kicked their legs in precision, dancing to the upbeat tempo. Each dance that followed was different from the one before.

“As a dancer myself, I like to see different styles of choreography. There was something different and unique during every dance that I really enjoyed,” said freshman Olivia Saraceno.

The showcase also featured beautiful costume design throughout each performance. Every costume displayed authentic Irish roots to reflect the dances theme.

“I loved the outfits,” said freshman Tara Keating, “Seeing a different outfit every time a new group of dancers came on stage was very refreshing, it was like every dance had a different theme to it.”

The event had numerous energetic pieces as well as slow numbers that were performed by the dancers. Up-beat songs ranging from “Despacito,” by Luis Fonsi to “Honey I’m Good,” by Andy Grammer.

“The variation in music was cool to see,” said junior Lexy Incontro, “The fact that they incorporated modern day music, while also keeping a rich Irish theme really left me on the edge of my seat.”

The dancers were not the only people who displayed their dancing abilities during the event. The woman’s concert choir directed by John Michniewicz, sang “Raise Me Up,” by Josh Groban and a traditional Irish song called, “The Sky and the Dawn and the Sun,” by Celtic Woman.

After the woman’s concert choir performed, Vincert Stifano performed, being the only male dancer in the Irish dance program. The audience showed their appreciation to him by screaming his name and cheering for him throughout his dances.

“Vince is one of the most captivating dancers I have ever seen, seeing his ability to perform always puts a smile on my face,” said junior Sidney Choothesa.

The love for Irish step and the culture was shown with every performance that took the stage. The Calladgh Dancers proved their dedication and passion in each dance.

“It’s an extremely appealing team due to the fact that we not only have a great team bond, but we do multiple performances throughout the year,” said team captain, senior Virginia Clark.

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