Fashion Trends at the 7th Annual President’s Gala

Sacred Heart University’s President’s Gala – photo by Mark F. Conrad 9/8/17

By Meliha Gutic

Assistant Arts & Entertainment Editor

The seventh annual President’s Gala was on Sept. 8, held in the William H. Pitt Center and hosted by President John J. Petillo, PH.D.

Due to the fact that over 3,100 students had RSVP’d, the Gala was held in the Pitt Center which comfortably accommodated the student body.

Inside, the Pitt had been transformed into an all white area, with drapery, tables and couches, creating a classy yet laidback feel.

They served hors d’oeuvres, dessert and they also had a beer garden for students 21 and older. A DJ played popular music and students seemed to be mingling and having a good time.

The blue lighting and the props assisted in making the aesthetic match this year’s theme: “Under the Sea.”

“I honestly did not even pay attention to the theme, or even notice anything that was “Under the Sea,” but the transformation that they did in the Pitt was amazing. I couldn’t believe it was even the Pitt,” said senior, McKenzie DeGroot.

Students came dressed to impress and they did not disappoint.

Guys wore bowties and suits in attempt to replicate Petillo’s classic look.

“I love that the guys wear bowties, because it’s honoring Petillo and the fact that he’s hosting this gala for us. And everybody loves Petillo, so I think it’s great,” said senior, Haily Reatherford.

In the past three years, the ladies have stood out with the common trend of the Gala: “blackout.” The trend “blackout” describes the simplicity of all black outfits coordinated with jewelry and shoes to make their look unique.

A black dress is a classic look and it stood out from the white interior of the Pitt Center.

“I think everyone at the Gala looked great. I did notice that most of the girls wore black, but they made each look their own. Wearing black will always be in style, no matter what,” said DeGroot.

Rompers and two-piece sets were also popular at the Gala. Two-piece sets consisted of a crop top with either shorts or pants as the bottom.

“I personally wore a two-piece set because it was just more comfortable and I know that it can get hot at the Gala sometimes. I wasn’t underdressed and I noticed other people had two-pieces on so I didn’t feel like I stood out too much,” said senior Abby McCarthy.

Lace was another trend at the Gala and it made its way into the dress code of the evening. Like black dresses, lace is a timeless fashion piece, because it always makes a return.

“My dress had lace on the back and because the rest of my dress was plain, I think it added a little something extra so it didn’t look boring,” said DeGroot.

The President’s Gala tends to show off everyone’s best looks, and the students always have a blast.

“I’m super sad that this is my last Gala, but I’ve created memories that I’ll never forget,” said Reatherford.

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