Pamela Anderson Tells Her Story

On Jan. 31, Netflix premiered, “Pamela, A Love Story.” Co-produced by her son, Brandon Thomas Lee, the documentary takes a dive into the life of famous actress and model Pamela Anderson, featuring her in new ways.

With transparency, Anderson reveals the hardships and success she’s had throughout her life and career. From when she was a child to now, viewers are shown details in between.

“I really enjoyed the depth of it all, it brought out a whole new side of her that we never really got to see,” said sophomore Jillian Surfus.

According to Netflix, “The film explores the pains and joys of her childhood, the early days of her career at Playboy, her rise to icon status after being cast on Baywatch and becoming a mom.”

According to Capital FM, she posed for Playboy, which is an American men’s lifestyle and entertainment magazine, for 22 years. That’s more than any other model in the publication’s history.

“I think everyone needs to watch this documentary,” said sophomore Brooke Walters.

“People should know what this woman went through, and she should be praised for it.”

One of the main features in the documentary are Anderson’s diaries and personal notes.

Since she was little, Anderson has wrote down details of her life and the experiences she’s had. These diaries are read aloud to viewers in the documentary.

Along with the diaries, Anderson’s personal home videos were also shown.

“They made me feel more connected to her when they were shown, it had the effect of making it feel like I was actually there with her,” said Surfus.

In the film, Anderson reveals some secrets about her childhood, and it gives a new perspective of her. “I wasn’t expecting to hear some of the things that she has gone through, especially as a child, it truly broke my heart,” said Surfus.

Anderson has had five different husbands including Kid Rock, Rick Salomon, Jon Peters, Dan Hayhurst, and Tommy Lee, who she has two kids with.

“I feel like people are really quick to judge her, especially seeing how many people she has been with,” said Walters.

The documentary goes in depth with her marriage with Lee. The love, the loss, the heartbreak, the betrayal, it’s all shown.

“Honestly, to see how her marriage with Tommy Lee ended was very sad to watch. I felt really bad for her,” said sophomore Peyton Brooks.

Anderson was transparent with her experiences of abuse, molestation, and rape throughout telling her story.

“I admire her for being so open about it,” said Walters.

The film goes into detail as to how being sexualized affected her and how people would treat her because of it.

“Truly devastating,” said Brooks, “It really shows the false image some people have of a woman.”

Anderson is an advocate for Mercy for Animals, PETA, National Domestic Violence Hotline, and many others.

“It completely changed my perspective of who exactly Pamela Anderson is, and everyone who knows her name should turn on Netflix and educate themselves with this beautifully made documentary,” said Brooks.

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