“Sex and the City” Star Runs for New York Governor

By Stephanie Doheny

Staff Reporter

Actress Cynthia Nixon, popularly known for her role as Miranda Hobbes on HBO’s series, “Sex and the City,” announced that she is running for New York governor.

“In terms of an actor or actress running for a political position, whether it’s specifically governor or president of the United States, we certainly have a history of that happening,” said Dr. Lori Bindig, Associate Professor in the School of Communication and Media Arts.

Nixon is a native New Yorker, where she was born and raised, and currently lives in the city with her family.

“I’m running for governor because I love this state. New York is the only place I’ve ever lived, and I wouldn’t have it any other way,” said Nixon on her campaign website. “But I know that we can do better. We need a New York that works for all of us – A New York for the many, not just the few.”

Nixon announced on twitter that she will run against the current governor, Andrew Cuomo in New York’s Democratic primary in September.

“When I was first told that an actress from “Sex and the City” was running for governor of New York, I have to admit that I wasn’t surprised,” said junior Kirsten J. Cunha. “After witnessing the Trump campaign sweep American media, I found that it inspired many Hollywood star lights to use their public platforms to speak up for political reform.”

On “Sex and the City,” Nixon played Miranda, a head-strong Harvard law graduate, who was very anti-men and anti-relationship. She was very different from the other female characters, but kept the main character, Carrie, grounded.

“I think in today’s environment, people want to be a Miranda,” said Dr. Bindig. “I think that there is something about women who can achieve and have a degree of success and make it and deal with the challenges. I think it would be very meaningful and resonate with a lot of people.”

Many news outlets said that by Nixon playing Miranda, it possibly helped her prepare for what is to come during this race.

“The inspiration I got from her is now shifting from receiving it from her character, to seeing her in action,” said sophomore Isabel Libby. “I definitely feel like parts of the media will bash her for it because ‘Sex and the City’ was a sexually explicit show. However, women who are fans of the show will support her fully, since she has been an activist for women’s rights.”

Nixon is also known for her work as being an activist for many different causes; including, but not limited to: breast cancer awareness, women’s rights, and LGBTQ+ rights. Nixon openly identifies as a bi-sexual woman, with many causes being close to her heart.

“I believe that her nomination as a candidate is a big step for women’s rights and LGBTQ+ rights,” said Cunha. “While I may not agree with her campaign strategy, to be inducted as the state’s first openly gay governor, Nixon could serve as a liaison for those who feel as though their voices are small in a large world.”

Dr. Bindig hopes that Sacred Heart students, regardless of their political leanings, investigate the candidates.

“[I hope] that you look at multiple sources and make sure that they are vetted sources and question the claims that the candidates make and dig a little deeper,” said Dr. Bindig.

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