Positive Poetry

In Professor Jonas Zdany’s ENG-273 class, students have become poets. The class has worked on crafting different styles of poems throughout the semester. Here are some we’d like to showcase to end the semester with some creativity!

“Sunlight Cycle” by Angelina Spiezio

The sunlight cascades from my window

Reflecting on my awaking soul

Piercing my body with light

As I inhale,

in goes the gold dust of the sun

As I exhale,

out goes the smoke from moon

A new day.

With a face of transcendence:

I face a day of beauty.

I face a day of light.

“Let’s Pretend” by Ashley Canto

Let’s pretend we are fairies

Helping mother nature bring in the seasons

Let’s pretend we’re in our own house

We will be the parents

And this rock will be our dog

Let’s pretend that we are pirates

Leading on a journey

Through the high seas in an attempt

To collect treasure from far away lands

Let’s pretend we are princesses

With tiaras and gowns

We need to hurry because

the ball is about to begin

With princes and princesses,

And hopefully

We will be home before midnight

Because at midnight,

All this pretend goes away

The pumpkins and pirates

And fairies flying in the sky

And our house has been abandoned for some time

But what if we revisit this make-believe land?

What if we go back to that house,

And I’ll be the mom,

And this rock will be the dog,

Will you pretend with me?

What’s stopping us from going back to this place?

Who’s telling me we can’t pretend anymore?

Because when I sit in my apartment, alone, during the night,

On a call with my love

I think to myself

Let’s pretend we have a family,

A house,

And a dog,

And we live happily ever after.

Featured image: Dorrian Stangel, Pollinator Garden at West Campus

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