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My time in Paris has been everything I hoped my study abroad experience would be—adventurous, eye-opening and humbling. However, it has not been without its challenges.

Just a couple weeks ago, my grandfather passed away in the U.S. While a death in the family is always difficult, this time was especially challenging because 1. It was my first time losing a close family member and 2. I could not attend any of the services. Although I’m glad my grandfather is no longer suffering, it was strange not to be there during his wake and funeral, especially since I am one of only two grandchildren. 

I always like to look on the positive side of things, though—I think that’s a trait that makes working on Audrey’s Corner so enjoyable for me. Even in death—something that is primarily thought of in relation to sadness and grief—there is opportunity for hope and joy.

In honor of my grandfather and to others who have been faced with the challenge of grieving a death from afar, I’ve written a poem in French with an English translation. The title, “La vie après la mort” (“Life After Death”), was inspired by a French person who once asked me if I believe in life after death. I think my answer becomes clear by the end of the poem, and I hope it serves as a comfort to anyone who is grieving.

La vie après la mort

Même si tu es loin

Je peux parler avec toi.

Si on peut communiquer durant la vie,

Pourquoi pas le faire pour l’éternité ?

Je crois qu’il y a une vie après la mort

Sinon pourquoi aurais-je expérimenté la vie et l’amour ?

Il doit exister une raison de vivre

Des signes positifs et amicaux dans ce monde tyrannique

Et j’espère un jour pouvoir communiquer 

Par mes rêves, mon écriture et mes pensées

Que l’existence d’une vie après la mort soit vraie.

Life After Death

Even if you are far away,

I can talk with you.

If we can communicate during our lives,

Why not for eternity?

I believe there is life after death

If not, why have I experienced life and love?

There must be some purpose in life

Nice signs in this world of tyranny.

And I hope one day I can communicate 

Through my dreams, writing and thoughts

That the existence of life after death is real.

Merci à Pierre pour son aide avec les corrections.

Thanks to Pierre for his help with proofreading.

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