To Say or To Not Say

If you could say one thing to the person that hurt you the most in your life what would you say? Would you even say anything? Because when an author writes, “and then she said….” or “(insert character name said…” the tone you usually get is a speaking one. A calm face-to-face type of conversation tone. Now for me unless the author says, “she exclaimed…” I would think she then has a change in her tone.

So would you even say anything to the person who hurt you most in life? Or would you yell, tell, command their attention, demand their eye contact when you speak to them?

Would you ask, question them as to why they did what they did to you, would you forgive them, would you argue, would you profess your emotions and tell them over and over again that what they did to you was unexceptional and you would never treat them like that, would you blow a gasket, would you yell and scream at them, rip their head off with your words, like a lion with their prey?

Would you tell them off by cursing, would you have wept, cried and fell into sorrow at just the sight of them, would you feel powerful, so powerful that you can finally tell them your emotions and you can communicate with them, or would you feel so feeble, like a baby deer who is first learning how to walk?

Would you fall down into your sorrows and your darkness, would you be overjoyed that you can see them, would you feel so high like a cloud in the sky that you are standing next to them again, or would you be guilty, innocent until being proved guilty?

Would you, would you, would you, would you?

So what would you do, if you were faced with the person who hurt you the most is the more appropriate question.

Not, what would you say, since for me I don’t know if I would do any saying…

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