Food Review: Freezing Moo

By Nicole D’Andrea

Staff Reporter

Freezing Moo, a new rolled ice cream shop located on the Post Road in Fairfield, allows its customers to enjoy their unique ice cream while lounging on couches, or standing at tables.

Freezing Moo provides rolled ice cream, which is created with condensed milk. The ice cream is then smoothed out to be incredibly thin, and then rolled into tube-shapes. The ice cream can then be topped with many different confections.

As you enter, the first thing in sight is the menu which is written on a chalkboard, and provided on individual laminated papers. The atmosphere makes the customer feel laid back.

The shop is in the corner of a small shopping center, but despite being tucked in the corner, it was alive with customers.

As I looked around I noticed Freezing Moo appealed to people of all ages.

I arrived at Freezing Moo at 2:30 p.m., and a lot of children from local schools were starting to arrive to get their fix of ice cream. Along with those children came parents and grandparents who also were intrigued by the way this ice cream was assembled and served.

The staff was happy to help a first time customer like myself and was friendly to customers he seemed to know from their previous trips to the shop.

I looked through the many options which included unique names such as, “Monkey Business,” which includes banana, graham cracker, nutella, chocolate sauce, “Green Giant,” which includes green tea, lychee, condensed milk and “Mint To Be,” which includes mint, oreo and chocolate sauce.

Out of all of the options, I chose “Mango Mucho,” which contains strawberry, mango and condensed milk. I was happy with my decision. It tasted great and there was a lot of ice cream in my cup.

As the customer moves with the staff member down the line, separated by a glass window, the staff member begins by chopping up the ingredients, pouring the condensed milk, and rolling the ice cream. Once your ice cream is rolled, you can select three toppings. I chose more mangos, chocolate chips and coconut shavings.

Freezing Moo stood out to me because of its variety on the menu. If a customer enjoys chocolate, there are options for them and if a customer enjoys more fruity flavors, there is something for them too.

Each cup of ice cream costs $7.50, and if you would like your rolled ice cream in a waffle cone it costs $1.00 extra.

Although the price is more expensive than most other ice cream shops, it was defintely worth it.

The flavors of the fresh fruit burst in your mouth and the creaminess of the condensed milk balances out with the chopped up ingredients.

It was truly delicious.

After I ordered, I made my way over to the table tops and stood there to enjoy my ice cream. The shop is very spacious, simple, and modern. I ended up eating every bite of the ice cream and toppings.

One thing I wish I did differently was try different toppings such as gummy bears or skittles.

The rolled ice cream was light, so it made it easier to not feel bad about indulging in a sweet treat.

Overall, I would recommend Freezing Moo to all of my friends in Fairfield.

I enjoyed my experience from the second I walked in. I will definitely be making another trip to Freezing Moo soon. The eager staff, relaxed environment, and great taste made my experience a great one. However, maybe next time I will try it in a waffle cone.

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