Tell Us Your Story: Sean Kaschak

By Dante Cabral

Asst. Features Editor & Circulation Manager

Have you ever wondered who stands behind the camera on the “Gilly on the Street” videos and the amazing shots of Sacred Heart from above?

That man is Sean Kaschak, the Multimedia Communications Coordinator.

Kaschak is originally from Peru, NY. He attended the University of Dayton, where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Master’s degree in Education with a concentration in the high school curriculum of Social Studies.

After graduating from Dayton, he taught multimedia just outside of Cleveland, Ohio. He taught there for four years, until he met his wife, who decided it was in their best interest to move to back Connecticut, where she is from.

“We decided we wanted to move closer to home, and a Multimedia position [in the Communications and Public Relations Department] was open at Sacred Heart. The rest is history,” said Kaschak.

Once Kaschak started working at Sacred Heart, it was obvious that it was a match made in heaven.

The main jobs on campus related to Kaschak’s postion are filming and producing videos and photos, as well as running all of Sacred Heart’s main social media accounts.

“Some days I will go into work and sit down and see Sean looking at a blank screen, then like two hours later there is an intricate design for something cool happening on campus,” said junior Brendan Capuano who works with Kaschak and is also the Assistant News editor for The Spectrum.

One of the videos that Kaschak helps film and produce is the popular web series called, “Gilly on the Street.”

“Gilly on the Street,” is a show hosted by Director of Campus Experience, Rob Gilmore. Gilmore holds a series of interviews around campus, asking students and faculty on the happenings of the latest events on campus.

The videos are very popular amoung students, staff, and prospective families that visit Sacred Heart on tours or during open houses.

“When he gets a vision in his head he just runs with it until it’s real and infront of you,” said Capuano.

Kaschak loves to be on campus as much as he can be. When he’s not filming or producing, one of the places that he likes to spend his time is with Campus Ministry.

Through the lens of his camera and from his drone in the sky, Kaschak has seen first hand how fast the university has grown and developed over the years.

“I think the pace at which we’re growing at is incredibly exciting. Sacred Heart is definitely the place to be, and I can’t wait to see what we do next,” said Kaschak.

Although he hasn’t been a faculty member at the university for long, Kaschak feels his time working here has been both successful and productive.

“Who knows what the future holds for me at Sacred Heart. I definitely see myself here for a very long time to come. Something tells me I won’t stay out of the classroom forever either,” said Kaschak.

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