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Sacred Heart University (SHU) has announced their exclusive media partnership with Connecticut’s newest television station, The Wax (WWAX). WWAX is Channel 3 WFSB’s sister station.

“We wanted to showcase the great teams, coaches, and student-athletes competing here at SHU and WWAX was the perfect fit for us,” said Associate Athletic Director Steven Conn.

As part of this collaboration, WWAX will rebroadcast select games from a multitude of sports offered by SHU Athletics, spanning from baseball and hockey to softball, soccer, and volleyball.

According to a statement from the university, “We are excited to have a new broadcast partner to showcase our passionate and hard-working student-athletes and coaches in their quest for championships,” said Judy Ann Riccio, SHU’s director of athletics. “Re-airing our games on WWAX around the state is also great for our brand and our ability to further connect with alumni and prospects.”

With games rebroadcasted on WWAX, SHU athletes will gain exposure, recognition, and support from the local community. This partnership will open doors for future opportunities in their respective sports.

Junior Carly Koltko of the SHU women’s softball team is looking forward to the expansion this collaboration can bring her team.

“Women’s sports are continuously growing and expanding, with softball in particular,” Koltko said. “It would also be a great way to inspire and educate the next generation of softball players for them to have a specific team to follow and look up to throughout the season.”

WWAX is home to the various college sports you cannot see anywhere else on broadcast television. This collaboration signifies a step forward for both the university’s athletic program and its aspiring broadcast journalism students.

Senior Isabella Giardina, majoring in broadcast journalism, is hopeful for potential opportunities the partnership can bring her.

“As a broadcast journalism major, I’m looking forward to possible connections with WWAX,” Giardina said. “I think it’s important for students to have the opportunity to promote themselves while getting involved.”

The accessibility of this partnership also provides a way for family and friends of Sacred Heart athletes, who may be unable to attend games in person due to work or distance, to watch and show their support from afar.“Coming from California, my
family and friends aren’t able to make it to every single game,” Koltko said. “With this type of livestream, it will be so beneficial for them to be able to watch each game, as well as other sports here at SHU.”

It also offers a way for alumni and fans of SHU Athletics to stay connected with the university’s teams and rewatch their favorite sporting achievements.

“One of the things I see is that we do a good job telling our story about Sacred Heart University, but not a great job,” said Deputy Athletics Director Charles Dowd. “Athletics is just one part of our story, but if it’s a part that gets people interested and brings in an audience of supporters, that’s how we can make it great.”

SHU Athletics events will be rebroadcasted on both audio and video platforms. To tune in to these games, you can listen to Channel 27 or watch it on WFSB 3.4.

Sacred Heart Athletics contributed to this article.

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