Video Sharing App is Shutting Down

By Caroline Fallon

Staff Reporter

Hours after announcing a 9 percent staff cut, Twitter says it’s also cutting the Vine app.

The looping-video app which bursted to popularity after its launch in 2013 has struggled to match that growth in the past year.

Vine, owned by Twitter, allows people to make short videos and share them for anyone to see.

It has created an outlet for numerous people to get a start with their career and eventually arise to big stars.

Although you will not be able to make new vines, the vines people have already created will still be accessible and able to download.

Vine says its users will still be able to access and download their six-second videos, and it’s promising to keep its website online.

“I will definitely miss vine. There used to be funny vine accounts on twitter and I could get carried away watching vines for a while,” said junior Cara Desrosiers. “I’d look up and realize I’d just wasted 20 minutes watching six second videos.”

Other forms of social media have affected the downfall of Vine’s existence because they created alternate media methods.

Vine’s demise comes after the ascendance of Snapchat, which could see ad revenue of nearly $1 billion next year, as the dominant short-video app.

Vine was an outlet for many people to get different information. Whether you wanted to see highlights from a big game or even news from across the world, Vine had the accessibility to capture it all.

“I never made my own vines but I would watch them constantly,” said junior Diana Lento. “I watched a lot more than just people singing or funny videos. I actually saw a lot about what was going on in the world. It was a good way to keep me updated in recent events. I’ll definitely miss it but I’m glad as of now that they aren’t just disappearing. People worked too hard on those for them to just never be seen again.”

With Vine not expanding nor moving forward with the time, it does not come as a shock to everyone that it has to close its doors for good.

“I’ll miss Vine a lot, but I’m not surprised that it is shutting down. I feel like people lost interest in them,” said junior Katherine Seckler. “I also think and Boomerang gave them a lot of competition, because they’re pretty similar. Nonetheless though, they were funny to watch because people can be so creative.”

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