Scholarship for Female Business Students

By Taylor Campbell

Staff Reporter

Sacred Heart University has recently accepted a $25,000 scholarship donation funding female business students, specifically with minors in entrepreneurship.

Donated by The Entrepreneur Source, this scholarship will work to separate the current divide between genders in business workspaces and help increase the level of excitement towards the study of business.

The scholarship is aimed towards the female gender because of the sudden increase in females finding interest in the field of entrepreneurship.

The Jack Welch College of Business is predominately male, which is why this scholarship will hopefully attract more female business students.

Sacred Heart hopes that this opportunity for a scholarship will further increase and encourage females to persue entrepreneurship.

“Men, on the other hand, outnumbered women 2 to 1 in finance, entrepreneurship, information management and environmental policy and management,” according to Bloomberg Businessweek’s survey about gender differences for business employment.

Although the majority of business majors are likely to be male, more female students have been becoming involved in the school of business.

“It is a great was to increase the female interest in the entrepreneur field. It’s interesting to see how much females at SHU have grown an interest in business” said senior Alicia Friscia.

Eligibility for the new scholarship enrollment includes a few specific requirements. First, students must be committed to the Jack Welch College of Business and must exceed a 3.0 grade point average. The applicants must also be female.

“The chance of possibly earning a $25,000 scholarship will definitely keep students on top of their grades and will motivate their future career goals in business,” said senior Rachel Nielsen.

This scholarship is also donated in memory of Lisa Powell, the daughter of Terry Powell, who is the founder of The Entrepreneur Source consultant firm.

“It is nice to see how excited Sacred Heart is to be giving opportunities like this to
students. Whoever is chosen for the scholarship will be incredibly lucky,” said Nielsen.

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