Hurricanes Harvey and Irma: The Aftermath

By Ryan Conklin

Staff Reporter

Hurricane Harvey, a storm no one thought would bring the shear chaos that it did, has officially dissipated and left Texas and Louisiana in devastation.  The deadly hurricane caused the deaths of nearly 70 people and somewhere between $70 to $200 billion dollars in damages.

Although the category 4 hurricane has physically left the southern regions of the United States in shambles, Harvey has had effects all over the country. Due to the hurricane, tornados have formed in other states such as Alabama and Tennessee, leaving tens of thousands of people without electricity.

The hurricane has also taken an emotional toll on some of the students here at Sacred Heart.

“As someone who has close family in Houston, it was very unfortunate to watch my family go through the effects of the storm,” said junior Maddy O’Shaughnessy. “Even though my little cousin’s first day of school was postponed nearly two weeks because of severe flood damage in the school, I’m glad that they are safe and kept the rest of the family updated on their condition.”

Another effect Harvey had on the economy was seen in a rise in gas prices. Junior Derek Chapman finds it unfortunate to see such a spike at the pump, but finds it to be a lesser evil of the bigger issues at hand.

“I think it’s unfortunate for those not affected to have gas prices increased as it may be more difficult now for them to get by with the additional expenses,” said Chapman. “However, at the same time it can be additional money to help those who are in need after the hurricanes devastated so many homes and families.”

As if Harvey didn’t do enough damage, Hurricane Irma swept through the Caribbean and Florida to leave wreckage as well.

“Natural disasters, like Hurricane Harvey, are bound to happen anytime and anywhere with an unknown outcome,” said sophomore Chris Quigley. “Harvey, for example, hit the people and their living situations very hard and although we cannot change when and where a hurricane strikes, we can continue to help and pray for those who have lost things in which were held near and dear to their heart.

As expected, the storm has even had effects on national sports. Several NFL games had to be rescheduled along with stadium changes for the games, while the New York Yankees and Tampa Bay Rays series had to be moved to Citi Field in New York City.

“It’s honestly devastating to see the damage the storm has caused,” said junior Caroline King.

Some students are concerned about the natural disasters that affect remote parts of the country. Some students are even tagging along for relief effort and countless other students are donating to the cause, which is the reconstruction of the decimated areas.

“I feel terrible for all of the families that lost their homes and their belongings and I hope as a country we can help them start to rebuild and be a support system for those going through these tough times,” said King.

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