How Do You Take Care of You?

As a busy college student, relaxing has become my last priority behind all my assignments, exercise and work responsibilities. After a long day of classes and internship demands, I usually complete homework and study for upcoming tests when I should be taking time for myself.

For my roommate Chloe Savino, her relaxation time begins at night. “I like to watch shows and videos on Netflix or YouTube and hang out with my roommates. I also enjoy spending time outside when it is nice out. Sometimes I relax better when I’m alone, but usually I like having company,” said Savino.

Like Chloe, I also enjoy spending time with friends rather than being alone. Being away from my home in New Jersey is very hard, and I get homesick a lot, so being alone is not ideal for me.

Other than relaxing in cozy pajamas and lighting candles, which are great ways to unwind, I also find an outlet in exercise. Being at the gym, taking a spin class or doing Pilates are simple, enjoyable ways that I deal with stress and overwhelming tasks.

Students are excited to be home for Thanksgiving and take time for themselves by being with family and old friends, as well as eating good food and catching up on sleep.

“During Thanksgiving break, I will take time to myself by making sure that I have my assignments done before break so that I can focus on spending time with myself,” said junior Lindsay Kassardy.

During this Thanksgiving break, it is easy to be overwhelmed by the upcoming stress of finals and wrapping up the semester. To ensure that I can have a relaxing break, I will study and complete work beforehand. I think being proactive is the best way to relieve stress as a student. Making lists and crossing things off that are finished are other ways to feel accomplished and feel that you’re making progress.

Nursing student Emily Boss has especially felt the pressure this semester with the demands of the nursing program. She rarely has time for herself and to let loose.

“I’m excited for this break because I will take time for myself by truly focusing on my necessities, rather than the needs of others,” said Boss.

Taking care of school, jobs and activities can be grueling, which is why taking care of YOU should be a priority.

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