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Audrey’s Corner stives to emulate the values and positivity of Audrey Niblo, including her optimistic outlook, caring personality and kind actions. For anyone who shares these values, the “Thankful for My Body” Zoom event hosted by Her Campus on Nov. 10 was a perfect way to express kindness, learn to love one’s own body and support others on their journey to loving and being grateful for their bodies. 

With a focus on health—both mental and physical—“Thankful for My Body” invited SHU students and the general public to take time for themselves, emphasizing body positivity, mindfulness and self-love. In addition to having Zumba, uplifting music and advice on self-care, the event spread the word about Her Campus, a club dedicated to giving women a voice on campus. 

If you are interested in reading more about Her Campus and the “Thankful for My Body” event, check out the article “Thankful for My Body” in Features! 

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