The Freshman Experience

By Kelsey Hor

Co-Perspectives Editor

Did you ever feel anxious or nervous when experiencing something new? Do you ever wonder what amazing things will happen once you start a new chapter in your life?

The Sacred Heart community is proud to welcome a new freshman class to walk the halls of its campus each year.

For some Sacred Heart freshman students they feel already comfortable in their new campus environment within just the first couple of weeks of class.

“I really like the campus so far since I’ve been here. People here are so friendly. I mostly like how people are so innovative on campus and have positive mindsets,” said freshman Lucca Casalduch.

Although some students may feel like they are already adjusting to the college lifestyle, others may feel they are having a harder time living away from home.

“It’s more like we need to act like the adults now and do things ourselves,” said freshman Alyssa Giorno. “You have to be really on top of every aspect such as laundry, extra curricular activities and more.”

Along with being independent for the first time, other students said that another challenge they had to face involved academic schoolwork in addition to getting around an unfamiliar environment.

“The biggest challenge is managing your time. There are so many things being thrown at you and you’re going to have to organize them yourself. Finding your way around campus was also a struggle but, in time you get used it within a couple of weeks,” said freshman Shaun Williams.

According to some students, homesickness is still going to hit you no matter how much you like your new freedom and the campus environment. This holds true especially to certain international students.

“I’m a foreign student from Puerto Rico. When I’m homesick I try to find students who speak the Spanish language and that are familiar to the island so I can talk to them the way I would at home,” said Casalduch. Sometimes it’s great to get some Puerto Rican food or even hear some music from my country.”

On the other hand, some students that’s hometowns are closer to campus feel they mostly miss the people closest to them while away at school.

“Personally, I miss my friends from back home. Not being in a school with all your hometown friends is strange at first. It’s not like you can see your friends and family everyday like you used to,” said freshman Robert Chiozzi.

Sacred Heart introduced a new course specifically for freshman that would introduce them to college life.

The class’ initial purpose is a program to help the transition into college life for freshman year students at the university easier.

“Freshman Year Experience is similar to an advisory homeroom that basically teaches you to get around campus and is a way to learn more about the university. It’s an extra class in addition to your other classes where you also have papers and projects that are assigned to students,” said Williams. “The class talks about topics like roommate tips, classes, and student activities to get you acclimated to the college world.”

The class aims to help students overcome the initial shock of being away from home for a long period of time, while showing them that there are other students in the same position that they are.

“The whole experience is worth it,” said Chiozzi. “Finding people who end up becoming your friends is something important. It’s finding people who you have similar things in common with that make the experience better.”

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