“Alexa, do you like my outfit?”

BY: Gabriella Ruvo

Staff Reporter

Do you need a personal stylist? Can’t tell if your outfit matches? The Amazon Echo Look might be your saving grace when it comes to fashion.

At the price of $199.99, the Amazon Echo Look is a hands-free camera and personal stylist, with the assistance of Alexa. The Echo Look contains style check, which can give you a second opinion on your outfit, according to the Amazon official website.

Along with those features, the Echo Look can take full body photos and six-second-long videos of your outfit, with assistance from the voice-activated camera. The style check feature helps users decide which outfit looks the best on them. You can add to your outfit with accessories/items suggested to go with the clothes you already have, according to the official website.

“I believe this product would be put to great use as a fashion merchandising minor. This item could help change fashion for the better due to its convenience and smartness. It will help people select different trends and put outfits together that you might have never thought you would like,” said senior Kristina Deleonardis.

The Echo Look categorizes your clothes by weather, season, occasion, color, style, and more. It helps you look at your outfit from various angles, pick your favorite outfits, and share your wardrobe with friends, according to the official website.

The Echo Look is sold and shipped from Amazon Digital Services LLC. This product is available for shipment with the Prime feature. You can pay the full $199.99 or pay five monthly payments of $40.00, according to the official website.

For junior Krista Costanza, a fashion merchandising minor, the price is not too bad. She believes it could have been much higher.

“I think for a product as complex as the Amazon Look, the price is at a good range. I thought it would be more expensive since this product does so much,” said Costanza.

However, sophomore Nicola Petrucci, a fashion merchandising minor, thinks the price is excessive and unreasonable.

“I think that is an extreme amount of money,” said Petrucci. “I understand that there is a lot going into something like this, but there is no reason it should be so expensive. Personal stylists can be expensive, and if you use one on a monthly/weekly basis, I think the price of this product would save money. I guess it depends on how much you use it.”

Senior Paige Zaffuto, a fashion merchandising minor, feels that the product would be useful for herself.

“I know personally for me when I’m trying on outfits I won’t remember the ones I’ve worn previously,” said Zaffuto. “By taking pictures and videos, it is very helpful to compare and go back and forth to look through each one.”

In addition, junior Giuseppe Michilli believes the product is necessary and could be beneficial for a specific group of people.

“I think it’s a good idea,” said Michilli. “I would personally not use it, because I know my outfits are great. I feel like it would be useful for people who aren’t that into style. It’s cool that it can tell you what’s right and not right to wear for different occasions.”

Others, who were not studying fashion had a different outlook.

“I do not think this will change the fashion industry,” said junior Sydney Santos. “Fashionable people wouldn’t need this advice and everyday people don’t want advice on outfits for an everyday occurrence so I don’t think it’s necessary.”

Sophomore Jake Radic also doesn’t believe this product is necessary, he doesn’t see much reason or purpose behind it.

“This won’t have a big impact on the fashion industry and I wouldn’t find myself purchasing it. Even if someone were to purchase it, I doubt they would remember to check their outfit everyday through the device,” said Radic.

Nevertheless, freshman Juliana Rossi believes this could have an impact on the fashion industry and how people view themselves every day.

“I think it’s going to change the fashion industry in a positive way,” said Rossi. “In a good way, it can tell me to change or fix my outfit before I embarrass myself with an outfit that doesn’t work together. I think that people will find their style and it will change how people view themselves for the better.”

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